University of Tennessee USA, Scholarship Awards for The Academic Session 2020/21.

The English Language Institute is accepting applications from international students for the EducationUSA Academy program at the University of Tennessee. This is a three-week program open to secondary or high school students... Read more »

Metropolitan University Bangladesh, Scholarship for International Students, 2020.

For the academic conference 2020-21, the Metropolitan University is recruiting high-potential applicants to join the Merit Awards competition. The programme, which is planned to recruit talented students who want to study at... Read more »

Southeast University Bangladesh Scholarship for The Academic session 2020/21.

The funds are a perfect way to help you pay for your preparation. Southeast University thus gives scholarships to talented candidates to support students. For domestic students who begin their studies at... Read more »

ExpressVPN Scholarship Scheme for International Students 2020.

ExpressVPN honours the future of private security funds for graduates in college, professional and secondary schools from the world’s most esteemed nations. The competition seeks to encourage understanding of the protection and... Read more »

Full HDR Research Funding at Deakin University in Australia.

Deakin University awards international HDR research funding for the academic year 2020-21 in order to support high-quality candidates financially. The educational award is available to Australian and international high-performing candidates for research... Read more »

PhD Funding in Neurobiology – Imaging at The University of Jena, Germany

Jena University is currently receiving applications for doctoral positions in Neurobiology – Imaging for the 2020-21 university session. The programme is open to excellent candidates who want to participate in the PhD... Read more »