Full Funded Scholarship Awards for International Students at The University of Espirito Santo Brazil, 2020.

The Federal University of Espirito Santo offers doctoral opportunities for promising students from abroad in collaboration with the Brazilian Centre of Physics Science. The curriculum is aimed at encouraging and helping foreign... Read more »

Fully Funded Scholarship for International Students at Simon Fraser University Canada, 2020.

Great students are eligible to take part in the Simon Fraser University’s Provost Foreign Fellowship. Support for foreign students is available exclusively. The purpose of the Bursary is to assist excellent foreign... Read more »

Fully Funded Scholarship for International Students at The Unicaf University Zambia, 2020.

Awards raising the effects of higher cost of tuition. Through this respect, for the year 2020-21, Unicaf University is delivering the Unicaf programme. This curriculum is structured to help African students who... Read more »

Fully Funded Scholarship at The University of Technology Sydney, 2020.

Sydney University of Technology offers an excellent opportunity to join the Global Bachelor of Science degree. The course, excluding Australian or New Zealand residents is open to international students. The support scheme,... Read more »

MINES Paris Tech PhD Scholarship in France, 2020.

The PhD Position given by the MINES ParisTech – CEMEF for the academic year 2020-21 has announced openings for applicants. For high-potential candidates who launch their phD degree at the CEMEF, France,... Read more »

Scholarship Awards for United Academy Nepal, 2020.

Do you want a research grant? Are you interested? If so, United Academy has announced a bursary for the academic year 2020-2021. This educational fund is available exclusively to Nepalese students who... Read more »

The Tabeer Scholarship in Pakistan

Quality education is always good for a profession, but some financial barriers can be challenging. Apply for the Nobel Testing and Processing Agency tabeer bursary to cover the study costs. BA, MSc,... Read more »

St. Thomas University Fully Funded International Scholarship Canada, 2020

In order to attract students with great academic prowess, the St. Thomas University offers academic funds for the academic year 2020-2021 for the brilliant Canadian and international students. The prize can be... Read more »

Fully Funded Scholarship for International Students At Trent University Canada.

High academic achieving students from across the globe are encouraged to apply for the Trent International Levy scholarship scheme run by the University of Trent in Canada. Those candidates who have leadership... Read more »

PhD Scholarship in Ancient History at University of Exeter, UK

The Classics and Ancient History Department seeks inspired, active, and talented students who are interested in applying for an International PhD at Exeter. The research award is given to students from all... Read more »